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It is quite in accordance with the notion of the cosmogonic Eros, that he is described as a son of Cronos and Ge, of Eileithyia, or as a god who had no parentage, and came into existence by himself. Nikaia slew Hymnos but his death was avenged by Eros who incited a passion for her in Dionysos. The singular Eros, however, remained distinct in myth. One of the following family trees can give you more details about the Greek pantheon and Eros' relationships. Merge this question into. The Eros of later poets, on the other hand, who gave rise to that notion of the god which is most familiar to us, is one of the youngest of all the gods. Do you not see how Pallas [Athena] and Diana [Artemis], queen of the chase, have both deserted me? The mischevious eros cupid had no wife although he made people fall in love by shooting his magical arrows at them and his beloved mother was aphrodite who's husband was hephastus but had affairs with many Gods and mainly ares. Although Eros' only had one child and has a fairly simple family tree, there's much more to learn about his family.
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Seneca, Phaedra ff trans. And as he swept on through the boundless air he saw ever-changing scene beneath him, here the life-supporting land with its peopled cities and its sacred rivers, here mountain peaks, and hear the all-encircling sea. Sappho, Fragment 34 trans. After the arrival of the Argonauts in Kolkhis Colchis , the goddess Hera conspires to have Medea fall in love with Jason to assist the hero in his quest for the Golden Fleece. It was flying with its huge wings above the river when it saw Psyche and fell sympathy for her. Did Eros have wings? She found him on the golden top of Olympos, shooting the nectar-drops from a cup [playing cottabus and game in which wine was thrown out of cups at a mark]. Aphrodite came up to her boy, took his chin in her hand and said: Eros, a short form of erotic, usually has sexual connotations in use.
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Eros and Psyche

For the heavyknee bridegroom always expected that Kythereia Cytherea would bear him a hobbling son, having the image of his father in his feet. Did eros take after his father or mother? He certainly pays no attention to me: She has "all reasons to refuse him," and yet she does not. He was the god of love, lust, beauty, and intercourse. Or if it is Hermes I will carry off with me Maia's son on my wings, and let him call useless Peitho [his wife] in vain to his help. You can read more at Wikipedia. The parentage of the second Eros is very differently described, for he is called a son of Aphrodite either Aphrodite Urania or Aphrodite Pandemos , or Polymnia, or a son of Porus and Penia, who was begotten on Aphrodite's birthday.
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Description:While Eros was fluttering along to the house of Zeus, Semele also was out with the rosy morning. Anteros , Pothos, and Himeros. Let us go together and ask her to persuade her boy, if that is possible, to loose an arrow at Aeetes' daughter, Medea of the many spells, and make her fall in love with Iason Jason. Aphrodite Aphroditus Philotes Peitho. Naturalis Historia xxxvi, 4, 5. That way, Apollo ended up pining for the wood nymph, while she remained untouched by his advances. Philostratus the Elder, Imagines 2. What is his secret?

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